Brazilian Waxing Class

This is a HANDS-ON class that will teach you what you need to know to provide professional Brazilian waxing services. This class is to be taken serious and deals with sensitive waxing issues and areas. You will be taught how to engage and perform this professional service and make your clients of different race, size, ethnicity, feel very comfortable and welcomed.

This class is intended for confident individuals that are ready to grow their experience and expertise. We will spend very little time addressing the basics and the majority of our time waxing. Please bring a model that you feel comfortable working with. (I will give you a time to have them show up). If you are having a hard time finding a model please let me know.


Class Overview

This 1-day workshop is for the confident Esthetician that is ready to offer advanced waxing technique by mastering the Brazilian. This is advanced waxing, so If you do not have any waxing experience this is not the class for you. If you have waxing experience but do not currently offer Brazilian waxing or need education on how to accomplish more effectively, this would be a great class to attend.


Financial investment


Supplies Needed:
None (Everything will be provided). If you have gloves you like working with, feel free to bring them.


Who Can Attend
This class is open to any licensed service provider or students in their second semester of training. You will be under the supervision of a licensed WA state instructor.


(accounts for the first 30 minutes and reinforced during the entire workshop)

  • Waxing basics, briefly discussed.
  • Waxing dos and don’ts (Contraindications).
  • Client intake form and release of liability. Parental consent for under 18. During this time you address expectations, etc.
  • WA state sanitation safety which will continue throughout the training.
  • How to properly prep and finish the skin.
  • How to appropriately remove your clients hair using the proper product and technique effectively and in a timely manner.
  • How to educate and ease the minds of new waxing clients.
  • Importance of following the same routine and side of table each and every time.
    What to discuss before, during and after the wax. This will determine if your customer will return.
  • How to ask for referrals.
  • How to effectively trim the hair, if needed. How long should the hair be and how should they prepare their skin for an optimum wax.
  • How long before a vacation or special occasion should your client be waxed.
  • What waxes to use and why.
  • How many waxes need to be warmed and ready to go.
  • How to calmly proceed through difficult hair and client discomfort
  • Pricing suggestions
  • Educate on ingrowns, irritation, or any other skin concerns.
  • How to be comfortable with body parts.


Hands on
(accounts for about 95% of the workshop)

  • Teach my signature “horse shoe” approach. This will teach you how to wax the same way every time. Avoid breakage and frustrations that result in very timely service, that makes you and the client upset. Also, educating on different types of Brazilians.
  • How to properly touch your client so you can position the skin properly to be waxed.
    Where to use strip wax and where to use hard wax. How and why.
  • How to effectively maintain comfort level by waxing their backside without having them be on all 4’s.
  • Whatever questions come up will be addressed.

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If you have any questions, please call Selena at (360) 561-2622.

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