How To Minimize Scars?

How Do Scars Form/Happen?

I wanted to talk about scars, because they are something that we all deal with and we all despise! Although we usually cannot get rid of them, how can we minimize them? As we know, scars form where there has been damage or trauma to the skin. When there is a wound, the body forms new collagen to heal the damage, thus resulting in scarring. Scar tissue has different textures for different types of skin and ethnicity.

Some scars are raised (keloid) and some are concave or bumpy. Concave scars often happen from acne. I wanted to talk about scars, because it has come up a lot recently in regard to some vascular surgery I’ve had on my legs.

How Can Scars Be Treated?

Scars cannot be completely removed or eliminated, but there are several ways they can be minimized, or improved. Some of the methods are:

  • Microdermabrasion, Laser resurfacing, Filler injections (especially effective in the face), Microneedling, and topical treatment. My focus for my legs, was topical. The most amazing treatment I found was Tamanu Oil.

What Is Tamanu Oil?

Tamanu oil is pressed from nuts of either the Calophyllum inophyllum (usually) or the Calophyllum tacamahaca (ati), tropical trees belonging to Calophyllaceae family. The nuts yield 70–75% of the greenish-yellow inedible oil.[1] The oil originates in Polynesia, where it continues to play an important cultural role. Commercial uses of tamanu oil are predominantly for skin care. The oil has both medicinal value and use as a fuel.” Tamanu Oil is found in many products to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Speeds Up Healing

The antioxidant and stimulating ability of this oil makes it ideal for treatment in wounds, small lacerations, rash, the fats and antioxidants stimulate the healing as well as help diminish the signs of scarring.

After SurgerySix weeks of using Tamanu Oil

Although there is definitely still scarring, it is significantly reduced with the help of the tamanu oil. Nothing will “get rid” of the scars, but I’m thrilled with how much better it is with using this oil. I have also been using it on break outs/mild acne and it is helpful for that, as well. Not all oil is created equal. I have done my homework and recommend the following.

Share With Us!

If you decide to try this oil, share with us your experience! Pictures are always helpful.

The Nitty Gritty

As we all know, I am not a Dr and this information is from my own experience. If you decide to try this oil, it is at your own risk/discretion. This information is not backed by a medical professional. If you have any concern if it’s right for you, seek medical advice first.

Preparing for a Brazilian Wax

I use affiliate links occasionally, to provide you with the products that support my recommendations and product “loves”! With no cost to you, I may receive a small commission. Hugs!

The waxing THRONE

What are you signing up for?

What the heck is a Brazilian wax? Well, here it is Belle’s! The nitty-gritty of the Brazilian wax! Some brave it, some fear it…I’m here to tell you, after doing this for over 17 years, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Is it fun? Not so much, but completely tolerable! I am going to give you the low down on what “it” is and how to prepare for this new adventure, or to help you get through a “do over” if you’ve had a less than stellar past experience!

What hair is being removed.

My definition of a Brazilian wax is “removing the pubic hair from end to end…meaning from the top of the pelvic, to the tailbone and everything in between”. There’s several variations and options from leaving a “landing strip”, to special designs, coloring, “bedazzling”, etc…Just ask your therapist. Listen when I say this my lovelies “IT IS FOR ALL SHAPES, SIZES, ETHNICITY, HAIR TYPE”!! Come one, come all!

I do feel compelled to say…not ALL therapists/salons wax male genitalia. You have to check with each individual therapist. The following explanation’s and suggestions apply to all!

What you need to do!

The image above shows where the service(s) take place in my salon. (Totally not a “red room”, totally not scary.) Completely professional, sanitary, warm, and relaxing environment. So here we go…here’s what you do to prepare…you show up! No, but really, there’s not much!

  • Allow the hair to grow to 1/4″. This usually equates to approx 3-4 weeks of growth. If your hair has been growing for longer than this, that’s ok! I ask my guests to allow me to trim for them, if needed, but if going elsewhere, ask what their protocol is.
  • No tanning, or sunbathing 24 hours BEFORE or AFTER waxing service. Some push this limit and it will definitely bite you! (Blisters, burn, red, raw, lots of ugliness.) Please do not show up red or “freshly tanned”. Please don’t try and push it and go tanning right after!
  • Oral acne antibiotics have to be discontinued for 3-4 weeks prior to waxing. The medication Accutane needs to be discontinued for 6 months (in my salon) some allow sooner.
  • It’s advisable, but not required to exfoliate the area the day before with a loofah, exfoliating mitt or cloth (my fave) or a type of scrub (salt, sugar, coffee, etc). Check out my store to purchase refreshing, professional products!
  • Last but not least, go get it done!!

What Now?

  • Ok, now that you’ve received the service, what’s the upkeep, and care? Well, you have the service repeated every 4-6 weeks (of course, this is a general time frame…everyone’s different, so ask your therapist what their recommendation is. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SHAVE IN BETWEEN SERVICE APPOINTMENTS. THIS WILL COMPLETELY MESS UP THE HAIR GROWTH AND TEXTURE. Do yourself a favor and put the razor down!! Or actually, throw it away!! WHY you ask…here’s why:
  • When you wax, your hair is pulled out by the root. This causes the body to have to go to a lot of work to repair and grow that hair again, (more science then that, but I won’t bore you with me geeking out about it) resulting in compromising the growth pattern and the hair growing back thinner and finer. If you shave, that blunt cut allows the hair to keep growing back thicker and stronger. Shaving is like adding “miracle-grow” to your plants!!
  • In-grown hairs…UGH!!! These are a nightmare after shaving for most “bikini” areas!! If I’m speaking your language, then listen up. MOST of the time, waxing minimizes or eliminates this pesky problem!! Notice I said “MOST” of the time? Like anything, it’s not a one size fits all and sometimes individuals still have a hard time with in-growns. There are some great products that help!! I have a couple options in my store!
  • It is very important to continue exfoliating the area 3 times a week and apply an ingrown solution if that is needed for your care.

Now you know what a Brazilian wax is, what is required to have the service, upkeep and self care.

Now schedule with a licensed therapist and DO IT!

Selena Shepherd is an Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Instructor, Salon owner and Blogger. With over 17 years in the beauty and salon industry, she is an industry leader with a flare for the field and life! Crazy busy business owner, wife and devoted mom to three amazing, athletic and busy boys. Throw a few, sweet fur babies in there too! If she’s not at the salon, writing, or researching, you can find her rooting her boys on at the ball field or on a court!

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